In Memoriam

Emile Imberman W5EMI

w5emi - emile

Emile was my closest friend. We met in the early 1980s at the Garland Amateur Radio Club. He and I were opposites: he was a calm, gentle spirit; I shade toward overreacton and am easily exitable. But we got along famously. Our relationship grew slowly and seemed to rapidly acclelerate as time progressed. We shared interests other than ham radio. In the several years before he passed on January 7, 2014, we considered each other best friends. One thing we both loved was attending hamfests together. He owned some really nice boatanchors but seldom got on the air because of his unassuming nature I suppose. I really miss him. RIP, dear friend.

Otis Nonken K5SWK


Otis was one of the first people I worked on coming back to AM around 1996-97. I loved to hear him "hold court" on 3880 every morning. He had some stories to tell. I was fortunate to visit him at his home outside of Conroe, TX.

Jim Little K5BAI

Old Dog

Jim was the "Old Dawg" on 75-meter AM. For many years he was a mainstay on 3890 Kcs, heard day and night. He was a founding member of the Texoma Traders Net held every Saturday morning.

Charlie Carpenter W5TOP


Charlie, at my shack, used to get on 3880 later in the mornings.

Bob Peters W1PE

Always smiling, Bob loved swapping radios.

Dean Oldham K5UKY

So long, Old Ham. Sure Glad I got to know you.

Jim Coe W5JI


Jim collected boatanchors and was occationally heard in the 75-meter AM window